Description: Brake Control
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Details:  We use the Prodigy P2 brake controller.  It is a no-level, no-hassle advancement in proportional braking.  Designed to work with electric over hydraulic trailer brakes.  Produces stops that are in porportion to the vehicles deceleration rate.  Travel safely with the P2 brake controller.

Description: Equali-zer Weight Distribution
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Details:  An Equal-i-zer hitch helps create a smoother and safer towing experience while helping distribute the tongue weight. Features a 4.0 sway control technology that will reduce the amount of sway experienced when traveling through unfriendly wind conditions.   Hooking up an Equal-i-zer hitch is quick and easy.  Multiple weight ratings are available to accommodate all trailer sizes.
Description: Exterior RV Covers
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Details:  Available for all travel trailers, fifth wheel or toy haulers.  Price will depend on size of cover needed.  Protecting your investment from harmful UV rays, rain, snow and other elements will help exterior graphics and appearance looking like new for many years to come
Description: Back-Up / Observation Camera
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Details:  Helps remove the stress and dangers of backing an RV into a tight situation.  Also can be used to check the traffic behind you while traveling down the highway or merging lanes.  Wireless technology eliminates the need for any permanent installation in your vehicle.

Description: Leveling and Stabilizers
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  • Our showroom is stocked with some of the greatest leveling and stabilizing accessories on the market.  A few of our favorites are:
    • Andersen 3 in 1 tire changing tool
    • Andersen curved levelers
    • Camco curved levelers
    • Stackable leveling blocks
    • Wheel chocks
    • Super grip wheel chocks
Description: Power Cord Accessories
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  • Do you need something electrical for your unit?  If so, we should have what you need.  Some of our most popular items include:
    • 50 to 30 AMP adapters
    • 50AMP and 30AMP surge protectors
    • 50AMP and 30AMP extension cords
    • Power cord replacements

Description: Freshwater Accessories
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  • We carry a large selection of freshwater accessories that are needed for a successful camping trip.  Our popular items are:
    • Flexible and no kinking water hoses
    • Water pressure regulators
    • Water filters and purifiers
Description: Sewer Hose Accessories
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  • Our store is packed with sewage hose necessities.  We carry several different brands, but our common items are:
    • Complete sewer hose packages
    • Sewage hose extensions
    • Clear elbows and Y’s
    • Black tank cleaning products
    • Toilet paper